Tribune bay and The Lessons I Learnt There.


I was on the Leap of Faith, 30 feet in the air the pole swayed back and forth as I look a breath, closed my eyes, counted to three and jumped falling just a bit and stopping in the air.  Tribune Bay the grade six seven camp the best camp experience I have had in a long time. It was only for three days but it felt like a whole week . Everything from the climbing and kayaking  to the food was just wow. But  be warned sometimes nights are really really long.  So anyway today I will share some life lessons and tips for you. You know just in case you the reader go there.


Don’t be afraid to try new things even though you have never done something doesn’t mean you can’t try. Ok I know that people have heard  that before but its true If you never try something how do you know if you will like it want do you know it may even become one of you best hobbies. Like how I had never done kayaking before and I was so scared of flipping over but what do you know luck was on my side and I didn’t flip over, it was amazing.  Or when I was at the very top of the leap of faith  I was so scared I almost didn’t do it.  Any way even if you think that you can’t do it just take a deep breath and do it.


Whatever you do at camp never assume before acting. If you do you may miss out on something fun or tasty. Take it from me I assume things then something always happens and I am upset at myself for the rest of the day. I assume things like at camp I was on Lunar Beach and I was all “nothing can go wrong”  but something always goes wrong. Long story short I ended stepping in a huge puddle of salt water and seaweed.  Well, this life lesson doesn’t just include things at camp it includes all thing for the rest of your life.  Say you don’t like pancakes and you would rather eat a tire than have a pancake. At camp you may just try one because you were dared to, you bite into one and wow its amazing! So, when you are at camp go for it take the risk and you might love it.


It was like it lasted forever our team just couldn’t do until finally we were done .  If you don’t get it the first time don’t give up and try again because giving up to soon is just like taking a step and then deciding that you just want to crawl for the rest of you life. Like some people say if you believe in yourself and you will succeed. Me, well I had some times at camp that I thought that I wouldn’t do it but I believed in myself and I did. I was on the rock climbing wall and I was just on the transition of getting off the rope latter and on to the climbing wall.  I had already tried multiple times to get on to the rocks but, I didn’t want to settle for that I told myself I could do it took one step and yes I was on. By the time I got to as far as I could go I was half way up which is pretty good for my first time. Never give up because you can do it.




Wow we have talked about a lot of stuff. Like try new things, don’t assume and believe in yourself. What all these have in common are that they are all stuff I can improve on. I know that most of this is probably things your parent have told you before but they are really important to succeed. Like me  I am not a very confident person but  when I used all of these things I did stuff I had never done in my life. I would like to pass these things the life lessons on to people like me that aren’t very confident and maybe just maybe they can help them too. Maybe they will have the courage to try new things and to explore new concepts or to even do things that I have never done before at the camp Tribune bay.


My Geo Bunny

Hello everyone!

Lately we made geo bunny`s out of geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, parallelograms and compound shapes. We also had to find the area and perimeter of the shapes. Also we were supposed to tell the queen why we should be accepted into her tribe.  So I decided to blog about it!

Say hello to my little bunny: Fluffers


This is Fluffers. As you probably don`t know, she is a wooden toy that moves on wheels.  Her most majestic quality is how she gets chocolate. First you find someone with chocolate, then you put Fluffers in front of the person.  Fluffers hypnotizes the person with her eyes making them give her all the best and most delicious chocolates. Plus you can pull her around with the leash around her neck, But don`t worry she likes being close to her owner. The last and final thing is that secretly she is a unicorn in disguise, the rest is classified.

The geo bunny project was supper fun. The best part was designing the bunny and watching it become real.  Although, you do have to make sure that your bunny is mostly geometric. Personally I would say to teachers, if you want to teach a fun geometric lesson, you should totally try this.

Thanks for listening.


Weekly Weird Recipe Review

Welcome to the very first Weekly Weird Recipe Review!!!

I want to start a new theme of post with a bang! So today I will be reviewing TRI COLOR DOUGHNUTS!!!

Here is the recipe I used.

You will need:

  • 2 cups cake flour or normal flower, (sifted)
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup buttermilk
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • three colors of dye, your choice

Preheat oven to 425°F. Spray doughnut pan with vegetable cooking spray.

In large bowl I sifted flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg and salt. Then added buttermilk, eggs and butter.

After that I divided the batter into three different bowls and add gel dye ( it makes a stronger color.) Mix it until dye is fully combined and fill into Wilton Color Swirl.

Fill the doughnut pan using a swirly swirling motion.

Bake 7-9 minutes and let cool in pan 4-5 minutes.

Yes, tri colored doughnuts achieved!! We used a vanilla glaze to top off our doughnuts and rainbow star sprinkles. Over all I thought it was a super fun project, although it was hard to get the batter in the bags. I would one hundred percent recommended this to anyone who is looking for a fun cooking recipe with amazing results.

Did you like this recipe? What should I try next? Let me know in the comments and remember to keep calm and eat chocolate!


The A to Z of Me.

Hello world,

Today I will be writing all about myself from A to Z. Hope you like it!

ScrabbleCreative Commons License

Marco Verch via Compfight

Hi, my name is Andrea and I love to read books. My pet is a cat named Puss Puss and she is super cute! As you probably have guessed, DIYs are my thing. Most of the time I am an efficient person. I love a funny joke. Yesterday, I made gooey cookies,  they are yummy. My favorite book is Harry Potter, I am a Hufflepuff. In winter, I like to look at the icicles that form on the roof.  I can’t juggle, I once tried but failed. Most people call me kind.  Sometimes I can be very lazy. I love anything to do with monsters,  scary or cute.  When I get older I want to travel to New York.  My favorite month is October because I love Halloween. I like popcorn especially at a movie.  I have a written with a quill (it is really fun!).  I love to run. I usually crave sushi because it is just so good. I have always admired top hats. Unicorns are awesome! I have a jean jacket vest. I am weird. I once fractured my arm and had to get an X-ray. I think that most foods are yummy. When I was little I thought people could have a zillion dollars .


My Lego Cupid Trap.


Hi Everyone!Painted/brushed heart symbol ♥ abstract love

I’m back with another post.

Valentines Day is here and I am super happy!

At school for Valentines Day we made cupid traps with a partner. My partner was  Lyric. We decided to make a classic box trap to trap Cupid. How it works is we will bait the trap with a fake human, it will look like it is sad and with no love. He will climb up the latter latter as we are hiding in the non-suspicious looking bushes (they are on the left of picture) and boom! The trap door will snap closed. But Cupid has wings, I hear you say. Well, the lid will latch itself to the outer walls tight and secure. We will have caught him.

Yes, person in the back, do you have a question? “Ya, why are we trapping cupid?” Um I..I don’t know.  Hold on. Why? Why would we trap Cupid?  Isn’t Valentines Day all about love and caring?  So why should we build a trap of selfishness?

I protest! No more taping Cupid for your own personal uses and selfish reasons. We should let him be free, flying the world, spreading not just love here but everywhere all over the world. Cupid is not an enemy but a friend, and spreader of love.

So what do you think? Cupid, is he to be freed and let out of the trap to spread love or should he stay in the trap to provide love for us.

Tell me in the comments. Below and remember to keep calm and eat chocolate!


Creative Commons License photosteve101 via Compfight Viktor Hertz via Compfight



Reindeer DIY.

Hello viewers I have awesome news for you, my DIY’s are back!

Welcome to my Christmas DIY hope you like it so let’s get started.

The first things we will need is the supplies. Coco, marshmallows, google eyes, ribbon, two candy canes, glue gun and a clear pipping bag.


After we have all of our supplies the best  thing to do would be to glue the eyes on. I put a piece of paper under the plastic pipping bag so when the eyes go on it doesn’t stick to the other side of the bag.


The next thing I did was put a marshmallow in the bottom of the bag to make it look like a nose.


When the nose was in I put the bag into a small cup and added three servings of coco and on top of that I put marshmallows in.


After it was full, I tied a knot in it with ribbon and made sure the coco did not spill out.


For the finishing touch I put the candy canes one on top of the other so they looked like antlers and tied a double knot at the front and a knot at the back so they would stay put.reindeer6

Well done! You have successfully made a coco reindeer! What I like about this project is that it can be made in minutes and you can give it to friends or family and they will love how nice it is. Do you have any suggestions for future projects? please tell me in the comments and have a Merry Christmas.


Holiday Food.

Christmas is finally here! Do you know what that means? RELEASE THE TREATS!


Christmas at my home always  has treats from cakes to ginger bread. So I said to myself why don’t I make a list. Here is a list of some of my favorite holiday treats. Here we go.

5. The fifth on my list is probably the classic short bread stars. Short bread stars are my family’s traditional Christmas cookie. The cookies are melt in your mouth good and some times a soft coating of powder sugar is so delightful.

4. Fourth would defiantly be ginger loaf with a cream cheese icing.  I love this one so much because the ginger pieces and the loaf with the creamy icing it just ties it all together Like a bow on a present.

3. Which one should be third? I think it would be the original ginger bread men you just cant beat it. What I especially love about it is that you can make houses, men/women or even cars and trains and after you can decorate it with candy and other things.

2.  Number two is totally cherry walnut cookies. They are usually cut in circles and baked with love. Every Christmas we have these wonderful cookies. You probably  guessed what they have in them just from the name but cherry walnut cookies are so good the walnut an cherry are a perfect match.

1.    The number one that you have been waiting for is chocolate pudding pie. Chocolate pudding pie if my all time favorite I wait for this thing every year and it is totally worth the wait. The chocolate is so creamy and filled with tasty ingredients with wiped cream on top I think abut this thing all the time when Christmas comes .

That is my list of favorite holiday treats. Do you have a list? Are any of your favorites on my list? tell me in the comments.




Where We Roam


I pry my eyes open, the sun blinds me but only for a moment. As I get up there is a searing pain from my shoulder. I look around and there is blood splatter on the ground and the air is filled with the fresh scent of flesh and scattered bodies. I see zombies limping around in a careless way. I try to remember what happened but my mind is corrupted and broken. The craving for flesh and brains comes to mind. I slowly start to moan, “bbb-brains.” I start to walk around, the scent of humans was near. I can’t help myself so follow it.

Down a path of stairs through a hallway around one, two, three, four, five corners. At the end of the hallway, a shadow of a human is in a room. I open the door,  and saw a small girl. She was sitting next to boxes piled up in huge stacks. She shrieked as I run towards her. My arms fling around her and she is in my grasp. I looked down and  tears were streaming down her face.  Thoughts were flowing through my mind and I remembered that she was my sister, my little sister Rosie.   


Suddenly, everything froze and it was like time itself had ended. A flash of light hit me but it wasn’t like before, this time it was a memory. Back before the apocalypse, when we were little, it was a happier time. When the earth was clean and and everything was peaceful. We would always go to the park, the best park, in fact. It had swings, slides, teeter totters, a fireman’s pole and a merry go round. We would play at that park all the time. We played our favourite game, hours and hours would go by. Sometimes we would bring our dolls and pretend that they were on adventures. They would go to candy lands or even whimsical islands. Once in awhile they would come back with treasures and exotic pets.

The flash of light hit me one more and there I was looking down at Rosie.

The sparkling eyes, her golden hair, I remembered it all. Her eyes no longer seemed to be watering but a smile appeared from ear to ear. She looks at me and said, “Do you remember me, do you know who I am?”

I close my eyes and slowly said “Rosie”. She hugs me so tightly that I could exploded. The hug made me smile too.

But it was quickly interrupted by a noise, the noise of other zombies limping down the hall. I point towards one of the empty boxes on the ground. Rosie nods and runs over to hide.

They opened the door.  I stand my ground and moan and grunt, to tell them that there is no human. But they insist that this was the room that reeked of human scent. To challenge them, I run as fast as I can towards the horde. Swinging my arms I managed to hit two of them to the ground. The rest backed away slowly but I charged at them! One of the zombies decided to attack me. Biting into my shoulder, the pain was not that bad.

Suddenly, a huge mound of boxes start to shake and fall over flattening them, they were no longer moving all was silent and they were defeated. Finally, I realized that I was transforming into a full zombie. I was looking back at Rosie.she came running out and looked at me in a tearful way. Peering down at her I smiled and noded.

As I walked out the door, I closed it behind me. Not sparing any time I staggered away as fast as I could, letting myself get lost. I would never see her again.


Magnificent Math.

Hello readers of the world!!!


I have the most intense thing I will ever ask you… How long is your hand?

Our Inquiry Question:

Our group agreed on the question How long are peoples hands from their wrist to the tip of their middle finger it took a little bit though.


We didn’t use that much equipment only a ruler and a hand because if you don’t have a hand then you cant do the experiment.


First we would ask who was not occupied with something els and ask for  their hand then we would measure it and round it to the nearest cm after that was done we would wright down and record the results.

Control standards :

The control standards for our experiment were that we would be that we would measure from the fist crease on your wrist, we would only measure in cm and that we would round to the nearest cm.


My predictions before we did the experiment were that the the biggest hand would be nineteen cm the mode would be sixteen cm and that the smallest hand would be fourteen. I also predicted that we would be able to ask may people this and get good results.

Our Data:

here is our data from least to greatest  15, 15, 15, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 18, 18, 20

Analysis of Data:

For our analysis we had no outsiders so that nice. The one were we had to communicate most was the mean because it was the hardest to do and we had to make sure that we all had the same answer. For the mean, median, mode and range. now here they are!!

mean: 45+112+119+26+20=166

median: (16+17)÷2=16.5

mode: 16,17

range: 20-15=5

If I would have changed the question I would have asked the width not the length and it would have changed it because the width of a persons hand is way smaller then the length. This was a fun experiment it told me that most of the class has 16 to 17 cm hands. has your class done any experiments that they have done lately? tell me in the comments and remember to keep calm and eat chocolate!

this post was proof read by Jayden



Hi my fellow food fans!

   Day 87: The Deep Fried Poached EggCreative Commons License Allen Skyy via Compfight

What is this post about you ask? This is about FOOD! Food is one of my favorite things.  From  pasta all the way to chicken. I love food it has been my favorite things since I was born. Although picky as a child most of the food I have disliked I now love.

That is why I have decided to start my food journey it will be very yummy and very tasty. Whenever I try something new I will write about it but it will mostly be positive. I’m so excited to start I am jumping for joy! What food do you recommend? Tell me in the comments.