Halloween Lanterns D.I.Y!

Hello readers,

Halloween is coming and you want to find something easy and affordable to do? Well, I have the thing for you! Today we will be doing Halloween pumpkin lanterns!

The supplies you will need: Glue, Mod Podge, orange tissue paper, a brush, hot glue gun, scissors, green ribbon, black construction paper and a glass jar.


Step 1: Use the scissors to cut the tissue paper into strips and make sure that the are the correct hight of you jar.


Step 2: With the brush paint a line of Mod Podge on your glass jar.


Step 3: Take the tissue paper and place it over the jar and with your finger press it down gently repeat until all of the jar is covered. (If you want a slick shiny cover add a layer of Mod Podge over top of the tissue paper.)


Step 4: Cut face from black paper and attach to jar with glue stick then add layer of mod Podge over shapes. Let dry for two hours.


Step 5: Using ribbon cut to required length and secure to jar with glue gun.


Congratulations! You have just made a pumpkin lantern!   I’m so happy with the end result it looks awesome. I’m excited to see what is will look like on Halloween! If you want to try something else then you can make a zombie with green tissue paper or a monster with purple. What D.I.Y should I do next? Tell me in the comments.lantern6




75 thoughts on “Halloween Lanterns D.I.Y!

  1. Andrea,
    Wow, that’s a really awesome art project. I am totally going to try that before Halloween. I might have to buy all the supplies first.
    Anyway cool art project,

    • Hi Brooklyn,
      Thanks. This project was super fun and easy. I live how festive it is. Most of all on Halloween you can put a candle in it and let is shine!

    • Hi Joe,
      The first time I saw the project I was searching the internet for Halloween decorations.Suddenly pow! I saw the lantern. Me and my mom started to work on some and them I had an idea i could post this on my blog! Now here it stands.
      thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I actually did this at home last weekend, what a coincidence!
    Anyway I love the way you did it and I added sparkles to my mode podge, it didn’t really do anything but it sparkles a little 🙂
    Bye for now and as always have a cake-filled day

    • Hi Jayden,
      It is so cool to see that people are trying out the lanterns. How did yours turn out did you do a pumpkin or something else?
      Best wishes!

      • Hi Andrea,
        Yes I did do a pumpkin but unfortionally I think I used really thick tissue paper so the light doesn’t show through too well 🙁
        Anyway thats all for now
        Bye and have a cake-filled day

    • Hi Andrea,
      It is super cool that we have the some name! If I could go anywhere in Canada it would be Toronto because I am a fan of the maple leafs and why not.
      Thanks for posting on my blog. 🙂

  3. Hi Andrea,
    This is awesome! I love making holiday DIYs. I cannot wait until I get home and try this! Also, what are you going to be for Halloween? I am going as a lifeguard.
    Happy blogging 🙂

    P.S. If you would like to check out some cool things about me, visit my blog @ http://miatiano5704.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Jude,
      Don’t worry about being late. You can always make one that is a snowman or Santa for the upcoming Christmas!
      Thanks for commenting

  4. hey! I was trolling around looking for ideas and I ran past yours and I thought this is a wonderful idea.I may use it myself for the holidays. What do you think?

  5. This is a cute idea I might do something like this for my blog but for the holidays or for a birthday gifts.
    – Kaeleigh

  6. Wow! I never thought about making a Halloween lantern like this. I love the idea of making a post teaching readers to do something cool. I might make a post like this on my blog.

    • Hello 21robinl,
      This is my favorite projects to do on a holiday. I will be doing more stuff like this in the future.
      Best wishes

  7. I really like that you helped me make this comment. know i can go comment on other people post and comment good things about there post.

  8. That’s so cool! Who knew you could make such a festive decoration with only a few items that you can buy cheaply or find around the house.
    I also think you should do a nice D.I.Y for Christmas. Thank You.

    • Hi 21gillcl,
      Don’t worry I will definitely do some for Christmas! This project was so cheep I was so amazed.
      Thanks for commenting

  9. Hello Andrea! I really enjoyed reading through your DIY. I like to watch DIY videos in my free time and learn how to do more projects myself. This post is also very fitting for the occasion. It looked great!

  10. Thank you for teaching me how to make a Halloween lantern
    I like how it tells you all of the supplies you will need ahead of time.

  11. I really like how the final product looks like it was specially designed, and not your everyday DIY item. Taking fifteen minutes out of your day to make this is well worth it, and will probably have you wanting to make more!

  12. I like the way you described your steps into making these DIY lanterns! What made you decide on making DIY lanterns, and where did you learn to do these?

    • Hi 21wardam,
      I sometimes go around the internet looking up DIYs and then one day I found one on lanterns so I made one and thought it would be a good blogging post and here it is today.

    • Hi 21quinpr,
      I usually craft when i’m not in school and also when i’m not reading and blogging so ya I guess I do craft a lot.
      best wishes

    • Hello 21corbld,
      This was a fun project to do. I like to look for DIYs and I was lokking on the internet then I found this. I tried it you to make sure it worked and then I posted it on my blog.
      Best wishes

    • Hi Eli,
      I think that it would be cool to see how it would look for Christmas. You could put snowflakes all around it.
      Thanks 🙂

  13. That pumpkin lantern turned out really good. I might make one of those lanterns next Halloween. Also, how did you come up with the idea to make the pumpkin lanterns?

    • Hello 21sealje,
      I sometimes go around the internet looking up DIYs. One day I found one on lanterns so I made one. I thought it would be a good blogging post and here it is today.
      Hope you are well

  14. you made a pumpkin it looked awesome! I have always wanted to make something more clever than just carving a pumpkin and what you did is really clevar.

  15. Hello, Andrea!
    It’s wonderful to stumble upon such an idea for the spooky aura of Halloween! Though it may have passed, this creation is still useful for throughout fall as well. I also love the additional pictures along the bottom of others you have made, I must admit they are as well awesome!
    May you have a beautiful day,
    –Sincerely, Brooklyn.

    • Hi Brooklyn,
      This project is so cool and fun because you can put anything you want on it like for fall you could put fake leaves.
      Best wishes

  16. Hey Andrea!
    Thanks for coming and checking out my post-I have a very good class that has awesome posts and not many people stop to read mine! It’s nice to know that I have supporters I’m recommending your post on mine, so keep up the good posts and please do come out with something about Christmas.

    • Hi lejudeb,
      I will be doing a post for Christmas near December but for now i will bo a cat DIY!
      new posts coming soon

  17. I loved this! I love how you put in the time to actually do what your preaching. Also, adding pictures helps visual learners.

  18. Hi Andrea, this was a great DIY i love making DIY’s in my free time. I love how the products are all so cheap! it interested me when you had the pictures and not just instructions. Nice job! 🙂

  19. Hi Andrea wow that was a cool tutorial on how to build a pumpkin lantern i never knew you could do that. What was the most difficult part to do while making the object?

    • Hi 21buckap,
      The mist difficult part was when I put the tissue paper on but even that wasn’t very hard to do.
      More DI Y’s coming soon

  20. Dear Andrea,
    These look very good and you did a good job explaining the steps. We usually buy real pumpkins but I accidentally smash them. What kind of light did you use for the inside of the pumpkin? The only thing I would add is get pumpkin seeds and put them into the jar.

    Sincerely, Marshall

  21. Great idea! Love how you took the time and effort to simply show pictures and explain how to make the Halloween lanterns. Do you love to make different kinds of crafts for each holiday?

    • Hi 21stulsl,
      Every year I come up with different ways to make holiday DIYs. I love to make crafts they are awesome and (spoiler alert!) I have already found out two DIYs for Christmas!
      Best wishes.

  22. I really like your idea of using jars instead of pumpkins. This way you don’t have to deal with the pumpkins rotting. Which do you like better the real one or the fake ones?

    • Hi Kole,
      I actuality like them both. This year I had a real pumpkin too. I was also thinking of doing a post on that but then I changed my mind.
      Thanks for commenting.

  23. Hey Andrea,
    Wow! These look so cool! I wish I had found them in time for Halloween! I think it’s super cool how you did that with green tissue paper on the top like a stem. Super awesome job! Write back soon!

  24. Hello,
    I enjoyed your tutorial telling me how to make a halloween lanterns. I think this post is great because it gives you something to do that can be fun and you get an awesome lantern out of it. You explained it really well and the instruction are simple and easy to understand. The pictures really helped to get a better understanding of what to do.

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  25. Hi Andrea!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your step by step tutorial! This post is so creative and so much fun to make. Your idea is extremely creative and a helpful DIY for when you need decor. I love doing DIYs myself and this post is so imaginative for any type of holiday. Your instructions and pictures were very detailed which made the craft so easy to understand!
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  26. I now know how to make a lantern out of a glass jar and paper. It shows steps to help you out on how to make or build a Halloween lantern.

  27. Hi, Andrea! This is such a cute and imaginative idea. I might have to borrow it for next Halloween and make a few of them to decorate my apartment! Thank you for sharing.

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